It may not seem like it at times, but we do have rules. Here is a list of those rules.

Chat Policy

The chat is open to all users that are not under a ban or suspension. The chat is also uncensored, but that privilege will be taken away if abused. I ask that users please avoid excessive cursing and spamming. These offenses will warrant a kick from chat and a ban if this repeats. All racial slurs will warrant an instant ban. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Chat spamming and rude comments will warrant a ban and removal of all offensive material. Attacks on users will result in a ban.

Concerning Wikizilla and Gojipedia

There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for any conflicts between Wikizilla staff and Gojipedia staff. All users directly involved in such conflicts will be banned until further notice with no regard for their current rank or good standing. If you or someone you know is attacked or confronted by someone from the other site, refrain from responding and report it immediately. Gather evidence if needed. Also, Kangaroo courts and mobbing will not be tolerated either. The only user who is to judge on the matter is Johnos Firewalker and his word will be final. We all should know how immature this whole thing is, so lets move forward and cooperate.

Editing/Page Creation

If a user wishes to create a page on this wiki, the user must post a message on an admin's wall or go to the forum(when it is up and working)and ask for permission first. For a list of active admins, see Staff. Personal reviews are a thing for personal blogs. I'd love to see others rant like the king here, but not in the main wiki. Also, all edits will be observed by me personally to make sure it was a legitimate edit.

To Admins

All ranking users must follow the following rules:

1. No playing god. I can take away your power if you abuse it.

2. Don't defend your friends with no reasonable or real defense. If your friend did something wrong, only details with high amounts of reason will be considered. Do whats right and give them the proper punishment. Otherwise they will never learn and continue to misbehave.

3. Be polite to non-ranking users. Service with a smile guys.

Failure to comply to these simple rules will result in a temporary ban and a loss of your admin privileges.

So thats it. Follow these rules and we'll get along just fine. Have a good day.