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Welcome to the The Johnos Firewalker Wikia!

Welcome to my wiki! I'm Johnos Firewalker and I am here to give you my opinions on a number of subjects and some background on myself and my collaborators. Check out my Rants for some neat, comical, and hopefully informative ramblings about whatever is on my mind at the time. Have fun and long live the Firewalker Empire! (note: rants are all opinions. keep that in mind. Also, the Firewalker Empire is not a real organization, just a title for the fanbase.)

What Goes on here?

This wiki serves as the base of operations for Johnos Firewalker, an ambitious nerd from Michigan who shares his completely UNCENSORED(emphasis on the uncensored) opinions on pretty much everything. Also, he puts his YouTube videos that correspond with certain articles in the articles themselves so you dont have to track them down. Check out the links below or go exploring with the search bar and task bar above! And remember, always have a great day!

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